Jacob Tarazoff Fine Art
OrbitAspen VistaAspen Vista detail2015 Silverton Splitfest posterBrad and WylieKendal Mountain with Silverton TrainGalactic SprayWolf Parade2014 Silverton Splitfest  posterVelvet HuesCadmium ParadeMagenta1Yellow1Poster for 2013 SplitfestThe Sultancover of Jackson Hole Weekly, February 2013Spray 1Elevator ShaftFinished poster for Silverton Splitfest 2012RevelstokeFriend of the TetonsAlbrightAlbright 2The SliverRavens' RidgeMavericksSommatime
Snow Surf Landscape
Paintings inspired by my splitboarding pursuit of the White Wave through out Western North America. These are portraits, specific to time, place, and person.